Recent Banking Articles by Financial Services Freelance Writer

So far in 2020, Bank Risk and Compliance writer Mary Crotty has covered a wide range of banking, regulatory compliance and personal finance topics. Financial services companies, from traditional banks to emerging fintechs, hire this freelance writer for her unique combination of skills: exemplary content development and extensive industry knowledge.

Here’s a sample of topics covered in this specialty freelance writer’s 2020 portfolio of well-researched, SEO-friendly, ghost-written articles.

Regulatory Compliance Topics

  • 2020 bank compliance priorities (data privacy, beneficial ownership, BSA/AML, Reg CC and CECL)
  • Digital accessibility of financial institution websites
  • Safety and soundness
  • Digital banking risk management

Personal Finance Topics

  • Mortgage 101
  • Debt-to-income ratio
  • FHA mortgage loans
  • General finance tips

Financial Services Freelance Writer

Looking for a freelance writer with in-depth knowledge of the financial services industry? Mary Crotty previously worked in a large financial institution for seven years and has been a freelance writer specializing in bank, regulatory compliance and personal finance topics for 13 years.

5 Reasons to Hire Bank Risk and Compliance Writer

  • Her background allows her to quickly grasp even the most complex topics related to banking and regulatory compliance.
  • Her writing prowess translates complicated topics into concise yet meaningful content that educates, informs and persuades your intended audience.
  • Her familiarity within the financial services realm helps her to easily interview and communicate with subject matter experts at all levels of the organization.
  • Her ability to independently research topics and her dedicated attention to detail results in original and credible content for your internal or external audience.
  • Her professionalism means your firm no longer needs to burden already-swamped subject matter experts with writing important marketing content.

Contact Mary Crotty at to discuss your bank or fintech’s content needs.





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